Tank coverings for animal waste and cattle breeders


The preferred supplier of tank coverings for animal waste in Denmark

The PVC seal ensures better use of animal waste for cattle breeders

Agro-Top is the preferred supplier in Denmark of tank coverings for animal waste and cattle breeders, so they can keep animal waste sealed in the slurry store. All our tank coverings for animal waste are supplied with 2 x 6-meter control hatches. The same for all hatches is that they are mounted based on the location of the slurry store. Agro-Top has extensive experience in carving hatches for tank coverings.

Danish agriculture produces approx. 35 million tons of animal waste per year. It is clearly the largest, most important and cheapest resource for future biogas production. It is the dry matter of animal waste which is converted into biogas.

Generally, the higher the dry matter percentage in the animal waste, the more gas can be extracted. Therefore, there is more gas in animal waste from e.g. chickens than in manure.

Read more about biogas production here.

It is also possible to extract large amounts of gas from fiber fractions, energy crops and most types of organic waste. However, the main part of animal waste in Denmark is manure. Therefore, slurry from cattle and pigs also accounts for the largest supply to biogas plants for which Agro-Top is a supplier of tank coverings.

Agro-Top is experienced in overall solutions regarding tank coverings for animal waste and manure – therefore you can always get the best PVC seal at market price assembled and delivered.

A great roof on the tank!

Throughout the years, personal service and a good relationship with the customer has been a top priority for Agro-Top. We have achieved this goal by being present in all aspects of the work process - from telephone calls to service inspections and to the installation of the customer's solutions. You will always meet us in person in every aspect of the process.

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information about our solutions. We are ready to contribute guidance and sparring regarding industry-related questions. Contact us and get a non-binding offer - it's all about getting a great roof on the tank!

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