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Agro-Top A/S was founded in 2006 by current owner and CEO Kristen Svendsen.

Agro-Top consists of a team of professionals and we are specialists in mounting tank coverings, slurry tanks and storage tanks. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, Agro-Top has positioned itself firmly in the Danish and international market. Over 1500 mounted tank coverings in Denmark alone speak for itself, and we are proud to call ourselves the country’s most widely used installer of tank coverings.

Agro-Top offers both single and overall solutions, including mounting of slurry tanks in sizes of 500 – 7000 m3 with tank covering made of the best PVC seal material in the business. The slurry tanks are made with either a flat, tapered or stub-shaped bottom plate, according to the customer’s wishes. We also have great expertise in providing a solution with a finished storage tank, including either concrete deck or PVC tank covering, in sizes of 10 – 500 m3.

Productive quality

Agro-Top is adapted to the Danish loading standards, and with only a 17-22 degree slope mounted on the center column, stretched over the edge of the tank. The construction of the tank covering is made of welded PVC support straps which, when tightened, form the supporting system. The PVC seal is manufactured in both 850 and 1100 gr/m2.

Delivery throughout Denmark and all over Europe

We deliver and install tank coverings on slurry tanks both in Denmark and in many countries all over Europe. Tank coverings from Agro-Top is one of the most mounted in Europe, and more than 1500 units are mounted in Denmark, making it the most widely used tank covering in Denmark. Specialists with more than 30 years of experience manufacture the tank covering in the Netherlands.

Quality & experience

Agro-Top has more than 20 years of experience in the installation of slurry stores and tank coverings, and we also implement quality assurance in all installation processes during the entire construction period. Also included are operation and operating instructions as well as a guide for safety conditions regarding the use of the seal.

Environmental proofing

The environmental proofing of Agro-Top by The Research Center Foulum / Aarhus University has been granted based on a quality-assured and controlled product.


A 10-year guarantee for errors and deficiencies is included, and it is also possible to take out a comprehensive insurance policy, as well as 5 years of service inspection is included.

Agro-Top supports local sport as main sponsor

Our commitment makes a difference as a sponsor

A healthy mind in a healthy body. We can only vouch for that – which is why Agro-Top support sport clubs and athletes in the local area.

Agro-Top_Sponsor for lokalsporten

A great roof on the tank!

Throughout the years, personal service and a good relationship with the customer has been a top priority for Agro-Top. We have achieved this goal by being present in all aspects of the work process - from telephone calls to service inspections and to the installation of the customer's solutions. You will always meet us in person in every aspect of the process.

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information about our solutions. We are ready to contribute guidance and sparring regarding industry-related questions. Contact us and get a non-binding offer - it's all about getting a great roof on the tank!

Kristen Svendsen
+45 2015 1701


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