Industrial clients within biogas and other parts with odor nuisance that need covering

Agro-Top delivers tank coverings for the industry – high quality PVC seals

Agro-Top assembles tank coverings for the industry, and for biogas and sewage treatment plants along with coverings for salt tanks for liquid saline water for the Public Road Administration.

We have extensive experience with tank coverings for the industry, and we provide services for both private companies and municipalities within tank coverings regardless of whether it concerns circular or square tanks.

With more than twenty years of experience in mounting tank coverings, Agro-Top is a key player in the industry. Through quality assurance on all assembly processes during the entire construction and assembly process, you’ve been dealt a good hand when choosing Agro-Top. Also included are operation and operating instructions as well as a guide for safety conditions regarding the use of the seal.

There is a 10-year guarantee for errors and deficiencies in our tank coverings, and it is also possible to take out a comprehensive insurance policy, as well as 5 years of service inspection is included.

The environmental proofing of Agro-Top by The Research Center Foulum / Aarhus University has been granted based on a quality-assured and controlled product.

You are always welcome to contact us – we love a constructive dialogue about great solutions for our customers.

Biogas plants with gas-sealing tanks are offered as well as coverings for wastewater tanks. Agro-Top – service and solutions for the entire market.

A great roof on the tank!

Throughout the years, personal service and a good relationship with the customer has been a top priority for Agro-Top. We have achieved this goal by being present in all aspects of the work process - from telephone calls to service inspections and to the installation of the customer's solutions. You will always meet us in person in every aspect of the process.

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information about our solutions. We are ready to contribute guidance and sparring regarding industry-related questions. Contact us and get a non-binding offer - it's all about getting a great roof on the tank!

Kristen Svendsen
+45 2015 1701

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